So. The Nerd asked me out. To meet up for coffee. Obviously, I’m panicking.

I seriously don’t know what to answer, so I am avoiding it right now, until I know what to say. I usually reply within 24 hours so I figure I have until tomorrow.

So now I am going through all the doubts in my head, and questioning my inner naysayer, to see if there are some valid arguments for saying no.


I feel more of a friend vibe towards him.

I am not really physically attracted to him, (based on photos only….).

I am so NOT confident enough to go on a date, right now… Gaaah, I need to work out for a while before I actually start dating people, you know, in real life. And I need to go to the hairdresser first, too…


He seems to be a genuinely nice guy, based on a couple of weeks conversations online. (Very rare for me to encounter one of those guys, on a dating site).

….? Uhm. I could possibly be attracted to him, if I meet him in person. He is not bad looking, really.


The panic consists of the fact that I am weighing towards saying no, and I absolutely hate saying no to such a (seemingly) nice person. I just wouldn’t know what to say. I haven’t done this in such a long time…

I am failing to understand myself in this. Am I resisting cause I am not attracted, or am I resisting cause I am generally afraid terrified of dating, after the narcissist?? The truth is that I could really use a date, if only just to get back in the saddle…. I hate that I am this indecisive right now!

I’m too old for this shit.