You’re a stray comet, raining hellfire and destruction wherever you go.

I thought you were drawn to me: by this undeniable force, I thought we were twin stars circling each other forever, utterly powerless to stop. Mutual attraction, a bond over oceans of time.

But you’re wandering aimlessly, smallest of all orphan celestial bodies.

Those who die by impact from your icy stone shell, just happened to be there. There is no plan. It’s just your nature.

Homeless, you are destined to wander alone, eternally unbound.

You call it freedom.

Those in your path would disagree, had they still a voice.

With you out of sight, I discovered I had life, beauty, a living surface aswell as a burning inner core. Perhaps… perhaps I could heal all those crater deep wounds…

I exhaled, let all my wolves and whales and birds and lions sing and roar and breathe, and dance and play, in this green Eden of mine, as once before.

I thought I was safe, out of sight. Free.ย 

Behold the fool.

My gravity always pulls you back.

(Or do you have a will of your own?)

I slide behind moons and suns; eternally hiding in darkness.

(Perhaps that will save me, this time?)

Much too late.

My life-giving oceans, deep ancient forests, are once again hit, set ablaze, torn asunder.

This is all I know:

You will destroy me over and over again.

No matter how much I rebuild, regrow, heal, and start anew, you will destroy me, once again.

Until the end of time. ย 

The thoughts I wrote down (above) were inspired from this quote I found on

“The narcissist will continue to hurt you until the end of time”.ย