This sun.

This sun makes your contours blurry.

This sun, sharp and searing,

straight above my head, (bless it),

makes you fade… into nothing.


This sea.

This sea puts you at safe distance.

This sea, turqoise and tepid,

embraces me fully, (like you never could),

washes you away, to a forgetful horizon


This wind.

This wind lifts the memory of you, up.

This wind, cutting like the Scirocco.

Carrying you away, completely.

Like it could carry all of the Sahara,

would that be the wind’s wish.


I wish it so.

I wish you gone.

I call on all the elements of nature here,

for aid in this.


I know, they have

already answered me.


You are not here, anymore.

I can not find you in any thought,

dream, or reality, except for

these few minutes I write you real,

in this poem.

I pray this is the last I know

Of You.





A spontaneous poem, on the beach,

I hope you forgive my lack of work on it, I just wrote it down in a moment of thoughts…