So, Mr. Wrong wrote me again, just now. On the dating site. (48 hours after his last stab wound with a tiny needle to my heart).

“I wish we lived in the same area already, then everything would have been different…. ย ๐Ÿ™ ย  “.

Seriously, I swore to you readers and to myself, that I wouldn’t be sad about this, but I can’t, I just can’t keep that promise.

That promise was made under the assumption he wouldn’t write me again. And now here he is, to what? Lament the fact that he made another little crack in my heart….

What should I do?

I am panicking just a little bit, here… should I reply? (What’s idiotic is that the dating site is set up so that a person will see if you have read their message or not…. so he will know I read his message).

I shouldn’t reply, right? But I SO much want to tell him that he made the mistake of his life!!

Or, at least that I think it was sad he didn’t even take a chance on meeting, like we had planned, what with the crazy insane attraction we had to each other…

Replying would be a HUGE mistake, right?