I got so wrapped up in all that Mr. Wrong drama, so that I didn’t get a chance to tell you something else, which is probably far more important, anyway.

Now, it’s nothing “huge”, but it is a good step for me. I have been lonely a lot after losing my best friend to cancer, and also after the narcissistic relationshiT, as you may well know.

Well, this week I took a step towards changing that. And not only with a dating site, but I am trying to find new, interesting friends also, online. I know I have you, bloggies, but you are so far away, so I need people closer to me, too.

Anyway, it is a sort of web forum where people (members on the site) can arrange and advertise activities for other memebers to sign up to. So, I set a date a few weeks from now, advertising a sort of dinner thing with a nice theme to it in a special restaurant, and specified it is for women around my age, only. I set the number of participants to 6, and was a bit worried if that many would really sign up. The reason I set the date so long in advance was also that I thought it would take a while for people to notice my activity post and sign up.

Within 24 hours, the full number of participants had signed up! And even in the little column for “reserves”, two more women’s names were listed!

I was very surprised, and thrilled, of course!

In my description I had also written that the activity could lead to other activities and friendships, in the future. Perhaps that is why so many signed up right away? This lil’ ole town where I live is one of the “coldest” and most anonymous capitals in the world, I think. So many people living by themselves, as singles. I think we have the highest ratio of singles in Europe, or something like that. I guess a lot of people really do need new friends, so I needn’t feel like a failed freak, haha!

I felt positive and brave from taking this little step out of loneliness, even though it may not seem like much, it is a forward and outwards movement, which I like.

Well anyway, that was just my little piece of “In Other News”, good news instead of douchebags and drama!