Ok, so I am about to shock you… Met a guy I’ll call Soldier Boy last night, when out dancing…

And, we went home together! (Shame on you, SurvivedNarc!) Now, forgive me this once, I never do stuff like this!

Now, I don’t kiss and tell, so I won’t say anything other than… why are military men SO hot?!

Hmm, what troubles me is that he was (is, it’s not like he died!) the same age as What’s His Face…  (substitute much?).

I know I said I don’t kiss and tell, but I will say that this morning was probably the hottest morning this whole winter… and I don’t mean temperature-wise!

Soldier Boy seems to be the strong, silent type. (His body talked a whole lot more, though!) But he did volunteer that he ended things with his ex two years ago. He mumbled that “there was a reason for that..”. I carefully asked if she had done something kinda “mean” to him, and he simply said: “Yes”, but didn’t elaborate. I caught myself wondering why he even shared this information with me, but I appreciated it.

Soldier Boy walked me to the nearest train station, and gave me his number. He double checked that it was the right number…

Hmm… I have heard people talking about their “little black book”, you know, the one people throw away when they get married. (Or, keep in a box in the attic, depending on how cynical they are?).

Soldier Boy is now in my little black book!