So yeah, fun and carefree single is pretty.. great, when you can pull it off! I have my moments…rare, but this was one of them. I actually had a smile on my face for much of this day, because of Soldier Boy’s willingness to participate in a cautiously flirtatious texting, today!

Don’t you just LOVE it when somebody does that? I realize, (even if we are not serious, of course) how much I have missed someone to just, text with. You know, someone that makes you smile a secret smile throughout the (boring, gray office) day…. So here, goes, my first text convo with Soldier Boy!

Me: Hello. Thanks for last time. 🙂 Now you have my number, if you wanna get together some time. /SN

Him: Lovely, thank you, yourself! Almost thought I had given you the wrong number.  😉

Me: 🙂 Nah, I just had a lot of stuff to do. But, I got to thinking of how cozy things felt with you. 🙂 Have a nice day.

Him: Thanks, just got off work, going to eat with some friends. 🙂 You forgot your scarf at my place, I think, I’ll bring it when we see each other. 😉

So, now you know why I was smiling all through my work day! Except, his last message, I just don’t know what to make of that, or how to reply… Cause, alright, I was inebriated when I went home with him, BUT I know what I was wearing, haha, and no way was I wearing a scarf! Sooo… that’s weird. Could be everything from: His friend left some scarf at his place, an old fling left a scarf there, or he just wants to let me know he could imagine seeing me again..  who the hell knows, when it comes to these things?

Anyway, it was real nice to get a flirt like this, today. Especially, since we have already “done the deed”… and those things usually don’t lead to any more flirtations etc. (I think). And especially since I almost died, when he was so cute in writing that he “thought he had given me the wrong number”. That is SO telling, like, he had expected me to reach out, but then I didn’t, for three days, so, he figured I was gone.

Ok, I am cynical, it might have just been a way to try to “seem” cute and interested… But, I don’t know… He didn’t really “have to” do that…. Let me quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere is “charming” her with champagne etc…

I am a pretty sure thing”.

Not saying I am a “lady of the night” or anything, but, you know, ahem, we did have “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” already, so…

Anyway, I find myself rambling, and that is usually a pretty good sign, means I am in a good mood, in a good place. I will elaborate on these feelings probably with a much more in depth post about progress, etc. But for now, it is pretty great to just talk about dating and feeling butterflies in my tummy. It is good to remember that only a year ago, hell, even six months ago, I was mostly a corpse, walking around…

It is great to feel, again!

Edit: Soldier Boy could not hold his horses and wait for my next text. He has just now texted: “What are you doing tonight?”.

Haha, now I know he is at least physically attracted… if I didn’t know it after those three times he showed it to me, when I was there… *Blushes at the thought*.

I am playing it cool, of course.

I am a woman with a career, responsibilities. If he wants to see me, it will have to be on the weekend. (Down, boy! Haha!).

A silly smile is plastered on my face right now.

A short romance with a lot of passion in it, can be quite underrated….