“Family Man” is showing that he is anything but a boring old family man…! We have advanced to texting, and it has been kind of hot, the way I like it. I have told you before that I am a very physical being and so it is important to me that a man can show me he is of the same caliber as me, when it comes to these things. And Family Man is just as hot as I like ’em to be in that area! Also, he has shown genuine interest and no game playing, so far. We have been chatting for a week now, texting etc.

He also really wants to have a family of his own. (Doh, hence the name “Family Man”). He says he has been feeling a longing for that, these last few years. He is my age.

We have talked on the phone and it went smoothly in every way. He has a nice sense of humor and seems very caring as a person.

I like the way he looks, even though he doesn’t fit any classic beauty standards. He still has a very manly look that appeals to me, although I have found that I have started to like his looks more and more as I have talked to him more. So, it is probably his personality that “makes” him look better, if that makes sense.

It is really only one thing that worries me and that *could*be a red flag. (Sigh, I am so f*cking tired of always having to look out for red flags… effing suspicious mind all the time, tiresome. But good, I guess).

Potential red flag: His mind seems completely made up, that it is me he wants. I mean want not only sexually, but, you know, want… as in a partner. Someone to really build a life with. Fine, could be that he is smitten, things like that happen all the time apparently. (Like how I felt with Mr. Wrong, “Instant Infatuation – Just Add Water!”)…. but still, even though I too can get infatuated with someone fast, I am still a bit careful, I still add a bit of uncertainty into the talks, like: “Well, this seems great, let us hope it feels just as good when we see each other in real life!” Things like that are lost on Family Man…

He simply says he likes everything about me so far, and his mind is made up. “It’s you I want”, and he is not afraid to say it! He’s sticking to his guns too, if I try to rattle him, he just shrugs. He says he is well aware that I could feel differently, but he says “oh well, then at least I will have tried to win the girl I really want”. He says he will pursue me until I tell him to back off, or until we become a couple. He has brought up that he has been worried I might be bothered by him being so interested and coming on strongly… So far I have said I really like it, and that he is free to say anything he likes, and show emotions as much as he likes.

It IS kind of great, for a change, with a man who really shows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to put his heart out there. I am thankful though, he seems to be somewhat grounded in the reality that it could turn out otherwise, when we see each other.

The question that remains is: Is Family Man a complete nut job? Is his strong interest and “certainty” that it is me he wants, only a huge, scarlet red “red flag”? Perhaps.

Is it possible that he is genuine, and is only really completely infatuated, and expressing that? Perhaps.

Have I become so cynical that I can not believe a man to be genuine if he shows his emotions and falls for a woman very fast?

Hey, why wouldn’t he fall for me, anyway? I am actually quite a catch. Ha!

I just don’t know what to make of this. It intrigues me.

I have decided to go on one date with him, to get some more information and suss him out. It will be this weekend.

Possibly, no, quite likely, some great sex soon enough, aswell…!