Three people are confirmed dead, and a lot more are injured. Here in Stockholm, where I live. Where I grew up. Where I have always been safe… The location in the center of town is where I have done my Friday shopping a thousand times before…

There are no words. I am safe, but I have no real words. It is chaos here and a lot of the central parts of the city are completely shut down. Heavily armed police all over the center of town and the subway is completely shut down.

My thoughts and my heart goes out to all of those who might have been affected by a terrible event such as this, now, or in the past.

I want so badly to believe that this is not an act of terror, but rather some terrible accident… but it doesn’t seem that way…

I was supposed to go to a social event tonight, but I suppose it is not possible, since the subway is shut down. Just a very trivial and stupid thing to say, but I guess trivial thoughts get thrown into the mix, when something like this happens… we humans just aren’t prepared to deal with events like this, I believe.

Keep my little town in your thoughts please, and if you pray, pray for those who have been affected.

Love to all of you! Let us all battle fear and hate with love and peace… ❤