I thought about naming this post “Siberian Cold”, cause winter has returned with a vengeance, and apparently the cold comes from Siberia this time, to visit us, newspapers say.


(Behind a building)When the sun does not shine on the snow, it looks almost blue!

But, I reconsidered about the name of the blog post and thought “No! It has to be a positive post!” I have SO many things to be happy about today. I took a lunch walk to buy a new laptop, ย cause I have been without a computer of my own for months! (Blogging from a phone is not fun, I swear!). So I am really glad about the new computer. (Even though I will probably only be able to afford noodles for dinner, for all of January, ha ha).


I love the sunshine on the snow!

During my walk I took some winter pics for you all. The weather was amazing! And I am also happy that I get to work from home tomorrow, and after that I have 4 days off from work!ย Andย I have a very small, but oh so nice, party to attend for New Year’s.

Happy Not-Holiday-But-Winter’s-Day to all! ๐Ÿ˜Š


(From this morning)