My mother’s boyfriend, K, who I mentioned in a previous post, is now in the hospital with a serious health condition. They do not know if he will survive, the odds are against him, it looks like, we will get news later this afternoon. Doctors are doing all they can. 

I feel so bad right now for him, and for my mother, that all my own problems just vanish right into the air. What the hell is a heartache, compared to maybe losing your life?

I feel especially bad for my mother, right now, since she lost her last husband when he was seriously ill. After that, she was single for about 5-6 years, before finally giving love another chance, with her boyfriend K. Now they have only been together for about a year, her and K. And this strikes them.

I do not usually pray, but now I have. I have prayed that he will survive.

I do not know what else to say… It is a confusing start to the new year… I can only say: Cherish your life, while you have it. You can still change things in your life. There is still time. Until, one day, there isn’t.