Update on my mother’s boyfriend K, for those of you who read about that in my previous posts: He is back to life! (Remember, he was in the hospital in a state between life and death…). 

It started with him opening his eyes and moving his feet. After a few hours more, the progress started happening fast, he started talking a few words, then he could even stand up from the bed!

His long term memory is intact. His short term memory.. not so great. He commented that my mother’s skin looked like she had been in the sun. She said “Well, we were in Spain recently, for a week..”. He’s also on a great big dose of heavy pain killers, so he’s acting a bit “drunk”. 🙂

Doctors feel confident that he will make a full recovery, with time. They may yet have to do a surgery. But everything is looking hopeful. And the doctors said that this is truly remarkable, cause very recently, all they could say is that “We don’t know, it’s 50/50 if he wakes up or not”. So, from that, to stand up and start talking, well that is just amazing. K clings to my mother and is a bit afraid when she has to go from the hospital back home, so she has to reassure him that she’ll be back soon. He doesn’t remember what happened in the last week…

Also, K is an “impatient patient”! Apparently he doesn’t wanna stay still in the evening, he wants to get up, walk, talk. He’s being truly obnoxious, even making jokes with the hospital staff. They have to sedate him for him and the other patients to get any sleep at all, ha ha! Wow, there is still life in the man. I am just so happy in this moment!! Thank you, God! (If you’re listening).