Welcome to Queenstown with surroundings! We continue our photo series of New Zealand with this little gem of a town. Just a few photos so you get the idea, mountains, lakes, oh, and more…mountains! (If you joined the game late, and want to see the other photos in this NZ series, you can find part 1:  Here  and part 2: Here )


Can you spot the little guy parasailing? I use him as my size marker for this photo! 🙂


Out and about – let’s explore!


All this photography business made me hungry! Best pancakes ever!


In a small village out in the wild – with the world’s smallest library?


Sun is setting on my beloved mountains…


Last lights of dusk…goodnight Queenstown!

I hope you enjoyed these! There is now only one more part left, of the NZ series. It will be wonderful. Yes, I’ve saved the best for last! (I’m evil that way). Welcome back for that!  🙂

(All photos ©survivednarc)