I know we weren’t quite finished with Scotland, but we’ll have to postpone the last few photos from that series. In light of recent events/struggles, both for me personally, but also for some amazing bloggers that I have gotten to know, I think we require a more warm and tropical feeling, to lift our spirits. Besides, I’m told it’s gonna be -20Β°C (meaning -4Β°Fahrenheit), where I live, this coming weekend, so I need to warm myself up with the memories of these photos!

It will be a series of 3 parts, from 3 different areas/countries, with a sort of “tropical feel” to them. I hope you’ll enjoy this photo series, especially if it’s winter where you are. We can dream ourselves away, together! πŸ™‚


These were some cheap bungalows you could rent, I walked past them. They seemed…. rustic… Β πŸ˜‰ My dad joined me for a bit on this trip, and he said he “loved” these cabins… I shook my head…



….but ok, I could see he had a point, cause these bungalows were right at the beach. Location, location…Β 


Time to sleep, little boat..Β 



There is always time for crazy ice cream dreams…Β 



Goodnight, Thailand….Β 





Next time we will go to another place with a tropical feel, hope you enjoyed this!


(Β© of photos, survivednarc)