Yes.. we are all weary aren’t we? Let us rest on this beach… Did you bring a good book?

We continue our photo series of locations with a tropical feeling! Today I take you to Malaysia! While I am writing this, I am enjoying dinner that I made, very simple: Pasta, butter, garlic, cheese, oregano, black pepper, bacon (a little milk and a spoon of flour to make it into a “sauce kind of thing”). It is heavenly! Just like this place in the photos! I hope you enjoy! Bon appetit! 🙂 


Kuala Lumpur, towers







This little rascal was living freely (with his friends) right outside where I lived! (There were giant lizards too..! 1,5 meters long… Too scary! But harmless).





“With her hearts in her hands, she walked towards the approaching storm”…  (I just sort of felt this image being like the beginning of a poem…)



Goodbye to paradise! See you next time guys, with another location, with a “sort of” tropical feel… 🙂