I’m the ultimate “deer caught in the headlights”..! It’s dawned on me that I will have to interact with these people on the dating site.. Don’t get me wrong, I understood that all along…but now it’s just so…real, suddenly.
Some guys have started sending me messages. And I have to decide toΒ doΒ something with each message: ignore? Answer kindly “not interested”? Answer something vague? Haha. This is crazy…

I am grateful that some people found my profile interesting enough to reach out.. (Although the cynic in me is mumbling that “Oh, you are probably woman no. 4325 that they send this mass mail too”)… but, I feel so confused. And picky. And undecided. Ever since I was so hurt by a narcissist, it’s like this feeling has lingered: It’s gotta be someone “super special”, if they’re gonna be able to catch my attention. Probably not a good attitude going into online dating… hmm.

Until tomorrow I vow to try to at least message a bit with a couple of these guys and see if there’s “something there” at all.

I’m like Bambi on ice!