— This is the story of mr. X and me. As previously mentioned, I will tell a little story about my other big love, before mr. Narc/Hero. I have no idea whatsoever how many chapters this story will be… I will let it unfold and see what happens… it will be in its own category on my blog’s webpage: The “mr. X” -Files (Serial Love Story) —-

– As my friend and I entered the bar that evening, my heart suddenly stopped. I could no longer see anything around me. It all faded away, the people, the decor, the chatter, the music. It all got so very still and quiet. I could only see green eyes, which met my gaze. It was as if my eyes were locked together with his, two swords locked against each other, in battle.Β 

It had been a glittering evening of joy and laughter. I had been attending a party with a friend. Afterwards, about ten people from the party, all went to a nearby bar, to keep celebrating. There was nothing special to celebrate, only that it was Friday.

We were university students and it was the usual routine, to go out almost every weekend. I was about 25 years old at the time. I had been working dead end jobs for some years after high school, before tiring of that and starting my higher education.

This evening, with my eyes locked with this stranger’s eyes in the bar, it never became a conscious decision to walk up to him. My feet walked, and I followed. He stood leaning against the bar counter, facing the room. He then did something so endearing, to me. He turned his head and looked backwards, as if to make sure I really had been looking at him, and not at the bartender. But the bartender was at the other end of the bar. Extra points for not taking things for granted, and for not being too self-confident! I thought. I smiled at him when he turned his head back towards me. He wore a white sweater, which was a beautiful contrast against his ocean green eyes and lingering August tan. He wasn’t very tall, but had a muscular, strong upper body, which is one of the things in a man that can make my knees weak. I kept thinking that his eyes were like a wolf’s; hungry, dangerous.

We started talking and I can barely remember a single thing that was said. I remember us dancing. And kissing. At one point I left his side for a bit, to go talk to my friend. After a while, he came looking for me. I looked surprised and asked why he had done so, and he said he didn’t want to lose me in the crowd. He had to make sure he found me again. Had he been someone else, I might have found that strange, but with him it just felt natural and made me feel both safe and wanted.

We went to his place and I spent the night. Not much happened there, cause we were exhausted. We slept in the same bed, which was nice. He drove me home the next day. I will never forget his words as he dropped me off: “You can’t go disappearing on me, now. Promise…”. The sudden look of innocence and genuine worry on his face made a warmth spead within my chest. I smiled and simply nodded, the butterflies in my stomach too wild and dancing, for me to be able to speak. As I went up the stairs to my place, I wondered if all of last night had been a dream… was it possible to be this happy? We had been practically inseparable the whole evening, like there had been an invisible bond holding us together. Little did I know we would continue to be inseparable, for years to come…

To Be Continued…