**Warning: contains explicit material of a sexual nature, only suitable for those of 18 years and older. Even if not extreme; it is still only suitable for those who do not object to sexuality portrayed in text. **

So, after “The Meet”,  I think with your intelligence as readers, you may have already figured out that I would definitely meet mr. X again. And again. And again. And that the meetings would be so hot that they would burn holes in my skin…. Let me make it clear; it wasn’t really a matter of “choice” whether to see him or not… I simply had to.

Had I known passion before, in life? I believed I had. But..had I met Passion, the real thing? Most certainly not. At 26, I had already had a few quite long relationships. But nothing could have prepared me for this lava flowing up inside me. I needed, no I craved being near Mr. X. It was sweet and silly how we both tried to “play it cool” the first few weeks, only seeing each other on weekends.

Mr. X was a few years younger than me, with me turning 26, I felt I might be too old for him, cause he was only 22. He loved away all my doubts, with his caress, gentle as the moonlight, yet hard and demanding as a Siberian general’s. I had never dared expose myself fully to any man, all my desires, how I needed to be touched to reach that mind blowing ecstasy. With him I dared. I became another woman, a courageous and wild one. Hidden inside for too long, she finally emerged. The stone age woman in me… I found myself whispering my every dream and desire, to this… this man-boy. And… did he deliver…

Those first few weeks, my lips were sore from so much kissing.. I didn’t mind, the kisses being so in sync, like we were two halves of one person, expecting every move the other one made, beforehand. It was still somehow unsettling, those perfect kisses.. I thought: well, maybe he just got lucky with the kisses… Then came The hands..

His hands were the Explorers of new worlds, all while obeying each and every wish made by the ruler of these worlds… although his hands were masculine and strong, he could use them both as a seasoned commander, aswell as a new recruit; humble and gentle. I had only made one simple mention that I preferred a mix of soft and hard, and this lovely human being (wolf?) listened, and made all my dreams come true. One minute he would keep me nailed to the bed with the superior strength of his arms and hands; the next he would loosen his grip and caress me with all the world’s collected tenderness, all over my body….


When he finally moved from hands to using his tongue to discover more of me – I closed my eyes only to see black thunder and white lightnings on the inside of my eyelids… Red and orange flames consumed me, in an endless ecstasy… and he always held me so tightly afterwards. I was wrapped up in complete safety in his arms… sometimes I even shed a few tears, I didn’t understand why….  But he didn’t say anything, he just held me and rocked me, sometimes ’til I fell asleep.

It wasn’t only the extreme skill of his touch and the perfection of his kisses, that had me spellbound. It wasn’t his complete understanding of my need for romance and soft touch, aswell as a harder grip of my wrists…  It was still his eyes; one moment so hungry with lust they were on fire; the next moment, so filled with tenderness, that I got an irresistible urge to cry… Also, he had the selfless need to please me, more than himself.. he would always see to that I was satisfied, before caring about his own pleasure…

It was clear to me that I was helplessly hooked… not only because of the physical skills displayed… but because of his open nature and his focus on me and my needs. I also liked that he didn’t suffer from inhibitions as my previous boyfriend had…   No, this man was a true wolf… he just did what fell into his mind.. followed his nature. I loved that!

These first few weeks, I tried to focus on other things; But it was simply impossible, my body called out for him all the time… It was my mind… my mind which just could not reconcile with the thought of this younger man… but, my body had made up its own mind; to not give up on this complete bliss that the Man-boy-Wolf provided.. so we continued to see each other; but all the while I was thinking; he’s too young for me….

But the tenderness I saw in his eyes, was matched by the feeling in my own heart; when we were making love, I felt more whole than I ever had until then, in my 26 year old life….

To Be Continued…..