Leaning over the edge,
I spied something gleaming, calling me
down in the dark; could it be
stones sparkling in moonlight?
Same kind, I ask, with fright
as in the woods; stones just like those
which Hansel and Gretel’s fate froze?

But no trees to be found here
The allure of the abyss is
bare, smooth surface down there
A wizard’s voice weakens my will,
forces me to yield, pulls me still
A mere whisper it appears,
Yet stronger than all the world’s fears

The descent is a dance
On polished ballroom floor
Resistance resides in me no more
This soothing dark song
Surrounds me, puts my mind to sleep
so deep, mind will be lost before long
I care not, if this bliss I can keep

I wake, a million miles down, my limbs white;
emptied of all their blood and life
Tentacles gleaming, receding into the dark
I beg, cry to the Almighty author;
You said I’d escaped this story arc!
A weakened white shell, in horror
anew I climb; I fight for life, a new tomorrow

Leaving the abyss, lungs draw fresh air in
Sunlight returns color of life to skin
The voice is weak now, from deep below;
“I love you so, please don’t go…”
Although love now tears my chest in two;
I will not give my life, to heal you
You know I nearly did, a thousand times before…


(text: copyright:survivednarc, image1:dreaminginthedeepsouth/tublr, image2:SaatchiArt/EdFreeman)