Half-closed wounds, still secretly bleeding
Hungry heart hangs by a thread; writing, reading
Still, you won’t give a starving soul a crumb
O gods, hear me now; make me numb

Love is a mere memory, out of sight
Tenderness taunts me, a distant light
All that is near me now, is loneliness;
embracing me, in a devil’s caress

Universe, I beg; take me with you
To travel over oceans of space anew
Escape eons of time, as we once flew
to a familiar, yet faraway place
where a Girl of golden heart, wearing my face

is happy as could be, lost but loved forever
in this shadow universe, where the sun’s a stranger;
its heat still melting me and the Girl together
And I shall not be alone again, ever


(textΒ Β©survivednarc, images: 1:pixiewinksfairywhispers/tumblr, 2:megatruh/deviantart)