Don’t you just need a break sometimes? A break from your ordinary life? I know I do! Which is why I am going out of town for a few days. I am going with a family member and we are going “anywhere but here”, meaning somewhere where there is just a little bit more sunshine and warmth, hopefully! (It’s cold and dreary here now, so that sounds perfect!) This involves flying though…. One of my worst fears, flying….

I don’t care for people telling me the old “Oh, you shouldn’t be afraid, flying is safer than being in a car”. I am terrified of flying and there is a horrible story behind that (isn’t there always). Anyway, I will have to ignore that fear, if I want to travel. Perhaps I will get one glass of champagne at the airport, to calm my nerves. That is a tradition I have with this family member, everytime we fly somewhere…

So, my dear bloggies, I will not be very active in Blogland until I guess Thursday or Friday the coming week. If I get the time and opportunity, I will try and pop into Blogland and read some posts before that. But you know how it is, when you are exploring a new place, in the real world. Time just sort of flies by…. Now, I need to get busy cleaning, doing laundry, packing. Oh, perhaps going to buy some nice shoes for the trip, too! I can’t very well go to nice restaurants and bars in old sneakers, now can I?

I am SO glad for the opportunity to get away for a few days. It feels… like a pocket of air, when you have been drowning… Like leaving grief behind and “giving it the finger”, you know? I hope the joy and excitement that I feel now, can stay with me for a little while, even after the trip. It feels like it will!

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you when I see you!
Love/SurvivedNarcΒ πŸ’œ

EDIT: I suddenly remembered that I do have one blog post scheduled already, I think it’s for Monday, while I’m away! (But now you know why I won’t respond to any comments right away). Don’t you feel very adult and responsible when you can even schedule blog posts in advance? I do. Β  πŸ™‚