Ah, I couldn’t resist making a sort of postcard view from the boardwalk by the beach! 


Welcome to a new mini photo series, this time about Málaga in Southern Spain! I will show you my recent trip in three parts, along with a little story/description, for each part of the series. Hopefully then it will be almost as if you were with me on the trip! 

The first day when we arrived, we hung out by the pool and in the little garden of the hotel. We also went down to the beach to check it out. The beach was very near, just across a road outside the hotel. Now, Málaga is a medium-sized town by the Mediterranean coast. The city is incredibly old, founded some time around 800 BC(!). It has a long history of belonging to different rulers, including the Phoenicians and the Moors.

Unfortunately, in Málaga, as in many other Spanish cities, they made a “mistake” in the 1960’s – 80’s, building some huge, ugly hotels, which sort of takes away some of the charm from the original cities. Málaga you could say, is a mix of “beautiful old” and “ugly old”. The ugly old is the aforementioned, now run-down, old hotel complexes/”monstrosities”. The “beautiful old” is the very old buildings from the 1800’s – 1900’s and earlier, that are still preserved, giving the town a genuine charm. You know me by now, I always look to capture beauty, so that is what you will see in my photos! 🙂


A view from the hotel




Now time to check out the small but lovely hotel garden!


I honestly don’t know what kind of fruit tree this is… they looked and felt sort of like…some kind of plums, but I think it was something else.. It was beautiful anyway, this unidentified fruit tree!



Aah, so nice to see flowers after my long winter!



It was almost impossible to capture this little fellow, the bee on the flower, he kept moving around all the time, so he is blurry! 🙂 You can sort of see him anyway, eating away at his buffet of flowers!



I loved these yellow flowers, recently watered… 



Flowers hanging from a wall and the sun peeking through



If a photo of something you like, turns out a bit bad, you can always make some sort of “photo art”of it! 😉 



The water in the pool was a bit chilly…..



….but since it got quite hot being in the sun after a while, we dared to take a short swim in the pool. It was refreshing! 



Went to explore the beach area. They had a very nice boardwalk by the beach!



Another photo which turned out wrong and had to be made into some kind of “photo art” thingie, instead…  🙂


Now, the sand in the city beach wasn’t the greatest, it was more like grit. So if you wanted to swim in the ocean, you would have to take a car to nicer surrounding beaches, I suppose. But it was early April, so I think still a bit too early for swimming in the ocean. We had the pool though, and I really enjoyed the boardwalk by the beach! I wasn’t used to the warm weather, so after this short exploration tour, it was siesta time! And then out in the evening to get some dinner at a nearby restaurant with a lot of Spanish locals hanging out.



I hope you enjoyed this first part of the Málaga photos! I will now try and catch up on as much blog reading as I can. I will publish the other parts of the photos soon, will try to mix it up though with other posts in the meantime! Great to be back in Blogland. Even though I must say Spain is also a nice country to be in! 😉 But I missed all of you guys in Blogland.

(All photos ©SurvivedNarc)