A ball room, lilacs and roses white
Swimming in so many glittering lights
Crystal; both glass and chandelier
Ruby wine of velvet sighs;
forget the world, live here
Whirling dance, a sea of girls
Unlock their hearts; take their pearls
Make old song eternally new
At sunset, seduce a shimmering fool
Steal gold and love, this world’s for you


A marble terrace, in midnight blue
Lit merely by bone-white moon
Faint clinking of crystal out here
Rustling reeds by the lake lament
A life lost; in darkness spent
Whispering leaves, a sea of rage
Honorless thief, robber of graves
Bewitched me with his ancient tune
Mother-of-pearl, my light; gone
The endless night and I, are one




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(Text ©SurvivedNarc)