It’s Friday! Thank God/Buddha/The universe/The Force/whoever is out there! Now, let’s forget all our worries, even if just for today. I’m so happy today, cause it’s going to be a great day! I’ve looked forward to this for quite some time. Some boss at work is treating us to a spa day! So as you’re reading this, I’m probably face down on a massage table somewhere, in a little room filled with candles, and some serious zen vibe going on! While an incredibly handsome man (I wish!), is kneading my sore back into oblivion. 



That’s how I will be feeling later today! >>

I love massages, and yet I almost never have one. They’re so expensive here. But sometimes, I try to spoil myself. And I can not stress enough, (pun intended..) how de-stressing a massage is! And the one I get today, will be for free. Amazing. Give me a free massage and I’m your friend forever!

It’s strange. I think Breaking The Record, along with this wonderful day today, really has helped lift my spirits. I’ve been “sort of happy”, for two days straight now, which has been rare for me, these last few years with the Narc business. But, I’m grateful for these 2 days! Truly.

I’ve worked from home a lot lately (it’s only for a limited time, I can do that). What an incredible difference! Not having to rush off in the morning to an office. Not stressing all day, with people talking everywhere and all those fluorescent lights, sort of like hospital lighting, you know? (On a side note: Article That Claims Fluorescent Light “Saps Your Soul”! It’s not all in my head… 😉 )

It’s so great hearing the pitter-patter of the rain outside. To have my laptop, sit down at home and work. Taking a short stroll in the neighborhood during my lunch hour. Many people wouldn’t like this arrangement, but I love it! Now, I do like socializing with people, some of the time. But preferably with people I’ve “chosen”, myself. I’m not crazy about small talk with people in an office. There’s not much chatting there anyway, cause everyone’s so extremely busy and stressed out.

Perhaps this is the “writer’s soul” in me, emerging? With this love of working from home, in peace and quiet. (Well, if you remember, I did choose the lynx as my “spirit animal”, and it’s known for hiding in the forest. I guess that’s me)!

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everyone: With this stressful work life and hectic society that many of us live in today: Do something for yourself today! Or this weekend. A nice dinner, read a good book, drive out somewhere where the scenery is beautiful. Like in this video, for example!

(It’s only the first 5 seconds that are crazy, I promise! The rest is normal music. Great, inspiring scenery from my neighboring country, Norway! Credits: Swedish artists “Swedish house mafia” + Lune).

Remember you? You need rest. You need peace. You need beauty around you. You need to have fun. Especially if you, like me, have had to deal with unusual or complicated traumatic events. Then it’s crucial to have these moments where you can get some relief, away from what haunts you. Even if it’s temporary. Even if the grief will come back, try telling it: I give you the day off, you don’t need to come in today. If you insist on coming tomorrow again, I will receive you then. 


I may be out and about this weekend, so won’t be as quick to read your blogs/comments. But I’ve prepared a little poem for you, which I’ll post Saturday around 10.00 AM (EDT/US). It’s a tad bit dark, I’m afraid. Spring cleaning of the soul continues. I love dark poetry, so might continue with that, for some time. I also hope to post the third part of “Sultry Southern Sunday”, on, well, Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Love/SurvivedNarc 💜