As promised, I’ll post some photos of a happy day from last week. (At the spa, remember?) For some reason, the photos were more about the food and the chef, than the pools etc. I think while I was relaxing in the pools I didn’t think too much about taking photos – meaning I was probably too relaxed to care about such worldly matters, which I guess is a good thing. Now, these are not my most focused or professional looking photos. But I will post them here anyways, so that it feels like you were there with me. And hopefully you can take away with you some of the bliss and happiness that I felt during this day!



First thing I did was jump into the several pools outside. They were built on a terrace, so three levels of hot pools, yay! 



Hey, I got my own room with a king size bed! Not complaining. I like the “curtains” that are inspired from Japanese interior design, I guess. I am showing the room because the bed was the BEST I ever slept in! And it was ALL for free, courtesy of my employer: the room, the dinner, the spa, the massage…breakfast buffet, yay! 



The view from my hotel room! 🙂 What you see here is the “inlet” to the capital… or, hmm, it’s really long, so maybe it should be called something else….entrance or recession from the sea, you get the picture anyway!   🙂 



Sitting down at a table that is formed like a “U” around the chef’s work area. He is going to cook in front of us, but so far his work area is empty..



Now the chef is in action and cooking for us… a selection of seven different small courses, inspired from Asia, mostly Japan.



Chef’s hands were more like a samurai’s hands! Swift and skilled!



Oh..this looks strange, I’m not that into seafood, but I’ll try anything once! The chop sticks didn’t make things easier…



The chef is really focused on his job



The big main course was the most delicious meat I’ve ever had, served with rice and some vegetables.


Dessert was rhubarb with icecream and some sort of pie crust thingie. It was Heaven!



Aaah, the hot pools outside… they were Heaven, too!



What was especially beautiful about the pools was that they had put natural stones in the bottom of them! It was amazing! 



Falling asleep behind the Asian “curtain” was really soothing, especially after having a shower in the bathroom with floor heating and a “rain” type of shower-head, if you know what that is.  🙂 

I couldn’t really capture everything since I wasn’t focused enough. I was very “spaced out” during this stay at the spa hotel. It was a wonderful day. I hope you got some idea of what it was like, from my photos and description, anyway. We all deserve things like this once in a while, don’t we?  🙂