“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore”.

(Van Gogh)

So, instead of sinking down to the bottom of the ocean, after the latest dip in cold and rough waves of grief, I’ve decided to hop on a boat. Literally. To go for a little adventure this weekend. Very last minute, so I’ll go by myself. But hey, I can be pretty good company! I was looking around on the internet for places to go and found this little spot where I haven’t been yet. It’s just a couple hours away. Local in a way, but still a bit of change of scenery. I saw they have a hostel-like accomodation there, but private, single rooms. Sounds perfect to me and my single budget. I booked it straight away. 

It’s the “pre-season” there, so there won’t be any tourists, I’m guessing. In fact, there might be nobody there at all! The lady at the hostel sounded quite surprised when I called and asked for a room. She was even unsure whether the boats go regularly, this time of year.  There’s a strike going on, too, among the people working on the boats. (Yes, you could say I live in a semi-socialist country. We’re big on unions, etc). I told the lady that I had checked, and found one boat that will go. She emailed me back that she won’t be around when I arrive. She’ll leave the key to my room in the door, so I can just walk right in and she will come back to the hostel the next day.

I’m liking the sound of this already. A deserted place, all to myself. That’s the start of a novel, right there! (“Upon opening the door to the abandoned building, what she saw made her gasp…”…you know?)


In fact, I’m thinking I’ll use some of the time away to write a bit on my so called “book”. I’ll walk around a lot aswell, see if there is some nice little scenery, or strange things, which I can photograph. Could be a good photo blog, perhaps.

I’m glad I got this idea, it really lifted my spirits. I can’t wait to get out of the city. The city can be nice enough. Sometimes it gets too much though, like you can’t hear your own thoughts, with all the cars, the crowded subway, the noise, and all the people around. That’s when I need to get out and find peace in nature, instead. It is odd, how nature can restore a weary mind.


I had already started feeling a lot better after my last post (about Mr. Cat), when I came up with this idea for the weekend. And then I logged into Blogland and saw all the friendly, caring and kind comments, and my heart felt even more light and warm. What a wonder it is, that there are such caring people still, in the world. That truly gives me hope. I want to thank all of you who have made kind comments to me lately. It means a lot. Still, I want to say again, that I never want you to worry about me. Truly. I always find some way to pick myself back up.

I feel stronger, once again. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Perhaps some truth to that old cliché. I like another quote better though, in the words of the old rascal Hemingway:


So, as you’re reading this, it will be afternoon here and I’ll already be away on the boat to find my little adventure. I won’t be very active in Blogland during the weekend, might pop in from time to time though. See you when I see you! Take care of yourselves out there!

Love/SurvivedNarc 💜