I don’t like many (any) humor shows, but this British one from early 2000’s, I love, for some reason! A little humor antidote to all the dark posts of mine! It’s only about 20 mins long, each episode, so will be posting these probably on Fridays.

It’s dark, silly, ironic, bitter, absurd, and in a British term: “Brilliant”! In my eyes. 🙂
“A misanthropic bookshop owner named Bernard Black wakes up from a bender to discover, to his horror, that he’s hired cheery Manny Bianco as a clerk”. (Flixlist’s description of the show). I don’t know why, but Bernard Black always makes me feel all better! Haha. 🙂  

Enjoy, if you are in need of some humor. (And who isn’t). It only gets better and better, once you get to know these three crazy characters.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

(Video credit/rights: Assembly Film and television).