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The portcullis is lowered! The drawbridge has been raised! The moat has been filled with water again! I have even put some little men with buckets of boiling oil, up on the walls of the fortress, just in case. My defenses are all in place again.Β 

That may have sounded completely crazy to you. You may be thinking: “Ah, he finally broke her down so her mind is now lost, and she is probably being shipped off to some mental institution, as we speak”. Nothing could be further from the truth, my friends. Let me explain. A sigh of relief and a big smile came over me today, as I picked up my new phone! Finally! After a minor rainforest had been cut down to be turned into the paper needed for all the paper work I had to send to my insurance company, it is now complete! When I switched on my shiny new cel phone, the first thing I did was get the blocking apps. They will provide the first and strongest line of defense, against the hoovering narcissist.

I can not know “for sure” if he will hoover again, but, judging from the fact he has never stopped during 18 months, I’d say it’s about as likely as us seeing the sun rise again in the East tomorrow.

So, the blocking apps are in place, they form the walls, the moat, the portcullis. But, you may ask… “What about the little men upon the walls, the ones with buckets of hot oil, to throw down at “the enemy”? Oh. That is just a very small, tiny, miniscule revenge,Β that I’ll allow myself. Ooh, don’t worry. I won’t harm anyone, even though he does indeed deserve some medieval torture, if Karma would be doing her job right now.

Anyway, no, this revenge is simply that, should he be so bold as to try texting me again, he will be met with an automatic text back, saying something like: Error code, and then some numbers,…blah blah. Given that he is not unintelligent, he will understand in the blink of an eye, that he is blocked! And this is the only thing that has ever hurt him, slightly. To know for a fact, he is being ignored into oblivion. It is the only thing which has ever gotten to him. But… when I say it has “hurt” him, I don’t mean the way you or I hurt. He will not cry, feel sad, depressed, in despair, or anything like that. No… He will just feel slightly annoyed. A bit angry and frustrated. For about a minute or two, before he texts the next girl on his neverending list of “narc supply”. But, I’ll take that. It’s all I’m ever gonna get in the form of revenge, or anything resembling justice. If that makes me a bad person, so be it…… :


I smile at the thought that he will be annoyed, and that it will dampen his (evil) spirit! πŸ™‚

But, most of all, I am just so happy that he won’t be able to get to me! Not easily, at any rate. He could still write letters through the post office. Or ring my door bell. I have to prepare for that, somehow. But, let’s cross that (draw)bridge when we come to it! Today is a good day! The best day in weeks! I am finally able to relax a bit, and feel really good about myself.

I have slept horribly for weeks, surviving on 3-4 hours of sleep every night, not being able to relax. Now that this is taken care of, I suddenly feel SO sleepy! Seriously, my eyelids are heavy as never before, writing this. That must be my whole system of defense in my body and mind, which is finally lowering the guard. My body is screaming at me to sleep. So that is what I will do now. After that I have to catch up on some work, I’m really behind. I do apologize that I will be late with blog reading and/or comments. But I will be back to you as soon as I can. I wish you all to be as happy as I am today! And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your support in my recent dark days. I love you guys!

Love/ SurvivedNarcΒ πŸ’–

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