I am over the moon! After looking for months for a kitten, I’ve finally found one! Even had to look in the smaller towns nearby, since it was so hard to find one where I live. These 2 images here are actually of 2 of all the little siblings in the litter, there are 5 or 6 of them. I’ll get one of them, not sure which one yet, but they’re all extremely cute. Their colors are different shades of red-ish/orange/white, as you can see. I have even paid the “downpayment” (lol?) for the kitten. If you’ve followed my blog, you may remember that it’s been incredibly hard to find a kitten, since not many people seem to do “breeding” of them, these days, where I live….

Do you remember your school days;
learning about supply and demand? Well, that old economy theory is true, I can report. The extremely low “supply”, has made the demand for kittens explode here! The price has gone through the roof. Also, you have to call immediately when ads for kittens are published, and you have to pay a “downpayment” right away, to “reserve” one. It all sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it? Almost 18 years ago, when I bought “mr. Cat”, the usual agreement was something like: “Pay me 5 dollars per paw, and the kitten is yours”! Well, times change. Now, a kitten costs hundreds of dollars.

But nevermind all that, I just wanted to tell you it’s been a long road to finally get my new little family member! (And: obviously I’ll make some photo posts of her, when she arrives. But for now, we’ll have to be content with these more “anonymous” photos which are of either her, or her siblings).


And it’s a long road still, until she’s ready to be separated from her mother. Another 4-5 weeks or so. But then she’ll arrive just in time for when my vacation of 4 weeks, starts. What a wonderful way to begin my vacation, by welcoming this adorable little girl into my home. Today, I’m as happy as a clam! Feels like nothing can take away my happiness today! But I’ll make a post Monday morning, around 09.30 (US. ET). (An update on TOWNSNBS, The One Whose Name Shall Not Be Spoken).

Now: I just have to figure out what to name “my new little girl”? 💜