EDIT: Mr. Cat is still very sick, but he lives, for now. (Original post is below). The vet took a blood sample and I just got the results from her. She says that the next few days will be crucial. If I can get him to start eating again, she says there is a good chance he can live a good life for possibly quite a while longer. Cause once he starts eating normal food, it is then possible to put him on a special diet, which makes him healthier. She says she thinks it is “worth a shot” to see if this scenario is possible. Still, if Mr. Cat will not start eating properly, she says the kindest thing is to let him go to his eternal sleep in the coming week….

So, I will have to see how it goes these next few days. I want to thank all of you who reached out and offered your support! It meant the world to me. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ So thanks and hugs! Will be back to posting as soon as I know what the outcome is. For now I will try to catch up on your blogs! xo

Original post:

Today is a very sad day… Β I told you a little while ago Mr. Cat wasn’t doing so well. That I suspected it wouldn’t be long until he got real sick. Now it’s gotten worse, very fast. I was going to take him to the vet anyway next week, but turns out I can’t wait that long. He seems to be very sick today and I’ve been trying all the things you can do to make a cat feel better, but it doesn’t work. He’s not eating and is very sick. So, taking him to the vet this afternoon. I don’t know if my friend will still be here tomorrow…Β 


I sort of feel like a child who just wants to say: “Please mister, won’t you just give him some medicine, make him all better”? But I know he’s so old. 18 years old, which is quite a respectable age for a cat! Converted to human years, that’s around 88 years old….

What breaks my heart (even more) is that, just as I’m writing this, he gets up from his resting position and goes to drink water. He really is a fighter. Even when very sick, he’s trying his best, to stay alive. But I see his suffering.

I’m going to listen to the vet. If they say odds are bad, and that he’ll be in pain, I’ll do what’s right. I’ll let him go to his eternal sleep. But perhaps my childish wish does come true and he lives a good life for another year or so, with medicine…

I’ve written this post before going to the vet and scheduled to publish while I’m away, cause I can’t handle reading any comment before going there. I am very emotional already, as it is. So forgive me if I’ll take just a little longer to reply and read your blogs. If there is any good news, I will update as fast as possible.

My heart aches so much in this moment, that I can’t put it into words. I know Mr. Cat is not a human child. But since I have no child of my own, and have cared for him these eighteen years, in a strange way, he is like a child, to me….

Even though I’m so sad right now, I’m grateful. Truly. So grateful for having been blessed with this little companion, who has been with me ever since the day I first moved out from my mother’s house. This little friend has seen me through all that time; the falling in love, the happy days, the break-ups, the lonely times. Always so cuddly and loving towards me. There’s not a bad bone in this little fellow.

Wow. He’s been with me my whole adult life! From when I was 18, to 36. That fills my heart with gratitude, even as my eyes fill with tears over what I must face, either this day or a day in the near future. I don’t want to let him go. But I love this little critter so much, that I’ll do what’s best for him, whatever that turns out to be. Cause that’s what love is, isn’t it? Love/SurvivedΒ πŸ’”