I just have to share these simple moments which brought me so much joy, with my new little girl, “Tangle”. This little creature just has so much love, energy and life within her! It is like she is Life in concentrated form, you know?


Imagine discovering the beauty of raindrops on a window for the first time!

Yesterday I went and bought a really expensive piece of cat furniture, called “Scratcher’s love”, or something like that. (Can you believe there’s even furniture, for…cats?! There is). The cats are supposed to climb on this thing and scratch on it (instead of scratching their claws at your own furniture). I was sweating to put all the little shelves and things together, and meanwhile, Tangle was climbing all over it, of course. I had to laugh at her and lift her down countless times…


Feeling her tiny body in my hands just melts my heart in ways that nothing has, in a very long time… Her little heartbeats against my hands, and her green/hazel eyes looking at me, either with mischief, or with her “sad puppy eyes” – kitten eyes, is… I can not describe the warm feeling I get within. So I wanted to share some nice photos with you of my Little Big Love!


She almost looks sad in this photo? Like she is waiting for a long-lost love, by the window…

She also has a LOT of energy that sometimes is a bit..much for this old homo sapiens sapiens, like this morning when she was like a completely wild cat, a stray you would find in the forest or something! Or a lynx…? Like my spirit animal. I just had to find a way to calm her down. I spontaneously searched Youtube and found an amazing piece of music! Music for cats! “Relax your cat”, it’s called.

I’m serious, the second I put this music on, Tangle started purring and laid down in my arms and fell asleep within the minute. She woke up 15 minutes later, only to hear the music again on repeat, and walked a few steps and sank down on the bed and… fell asleep again!


Look how tiny her face is compared to my giant hand and arm!

Her eyes were all strange, like she was… on drugs, or something! Luckily, she is not, she was only affected by this music. It is specially composed to calm cats, apparently. To my ears, it mostly sounds like peaceful piano music…. but then again, I have had her listen to other piano songs and nothing has had this effect on her….

So I believe the creators of this music, when they claim they have composed it in some special manner, to affect cats. I’ve seen the proof. She points her ears against the direction of the music, even when she is sleeping! Crazy, but it works. And as much as I love her energy, I am also happy to see her peaceful, content, relaxing, sleeping.


She will get a little meaty bone to chew on today, so she doesn’t chew on my laptop all the time! Her teeth seem to itch…  See how I spoil her rotten? Love…. what can you do, right?

Love/Survived & “Tangle”