Hey, friends! Back with some photos from my trip – to Croatia (City of Dubrovnik) this time! I’ll start with a few, and continue with the rest in an upcoming post. It was a beautiful place but I am really tired after the journey, you see! I hope you enjoy these pics, I’ll try to tell you a bit about what you’re seeing in each photo. So it will be as if you were there with me, as usual…   😉

I didn’t really have time to catch up on blog reading, but I hope to do so this week! I missed you, guys! Lemme know what you think of the pics! Hugs from Survived!


The view from our balcony


The thing that hit me first was – goddamn it – the heat in the Mediterranean area in summer is no joke! Especially if you are from a moderate/temperate climate, like I am…. We almost melted away from heat, luckily we had A/C in our accommodation, so we ran there for shelter after a while, most days. I usually don’t take cold showers, but here, I DID!


A beautiful small old church within the Old Town



The old cathedral in the old town


Now, as you can see from the pics, Dubrovnik has quite a lot of history to it, since more than a thousand years back, according to what our guide said. A lot of these buildings we saw in the old town were from like the 15th – 18th century, since a lot of the extremely old buildings were destroyed in The Great Earthquake in the 1600’s. Still, the Old Town had a wonderful, genuine feeling to it!


The old parliament building



We found our way to one of the beaches within city limits. The Mediterranean is wonderful with its green blue shades and it is a refuge from the sweltering heat in the summer. Still , in July there are crowds everywhere within the city so it is recommended you leave the city and go to smaller towns etc, for swimming.



In our balcony the first evening




View from our balcony in the evening..