Instruction: Press play, then press pause immediately, 5-10 seconds, to let the clip “load”, then hit play again. Just to make sure you can see it in the “right speed”. (I discovered it got slowed down if I pressed play immediately). This is my own version of “Can I Haz Cheeseburger” funny pics, that some of you may have seen.

I just thought I would post something a bit funny and light this Sunday morning for y’all. (Might post something more of a rant later today, so just wanna mix things up a bit). This video clip is of “Tangle” as you may recognize from some previous posts with her. Here she is sitting on a box from when I ordered a new dishwasher.

So she is in the kitchen, and the reason why she is doing this dancing/clapping her paws-thing, is that she wants to make me hurry up and serve her Majesty the food! Yes, she is waiting while I prepare the finest food cats can eat today (which is actually raw meat and raw bones, believe it or not, if you have cats/dogs and are interested, read up on “B.A.R.F” (lolz) – Biologically Adapted Raw Food. It is almost a whole science – you got to have 10 % of this – and that, etc etc. I’ve read about it for days to try and get everything right, as to not jeopardize her health, but instead give her the best food available, right from the start of her life.

As for her impatience – not to worry – she gets as much food as she can possibly eat. I hope you enjoyed this clip. 🙂