A shard of broken glass is
every memory, strewn along my daily path

With feet bleeding, my body’s
resistance grows, with the unlikely strength of a

frail humming bird’s wings, I push
back this herd of ancient mammoths, who should not exist,
but still keep on trampling and tearing at
my resistance, every night

They like to call themselves beautiful names

like Love
and Reminiscence,
and Hope,
and Happiness
and Lust
and Friendship

And they claim I must see him again,
cause he is their shepherd
but the only thing I’d find there,
is the long, harsh winter of Siberia

You are Hatred
and Oblivion
and Despair
and Misery
and Games
and Cold

My wings, so thoroughly pressed
and stomped down, into mud, dirt and rock, over time


diamonds, unbreakable;

So forget you ever knew my name