Busy bee… yep, that’s me. I’ve been busy building a website for my company, so that I’ll have something to show to potential clients in the future. It took me a day or so…. I still have to optimize SEO, that is Search Engine Optimization…. (zzzzz…..). I have no clue to that but I have downloaded a plugin that I have to learn from scratch…. 聽(zzzzz).

The only good thing is that I was pretty satisfied with my “accomplishment” of building a website myself, for my company. That’s an understatement. I was incredibly proud of myself. But, when I realized I have to do “SEO”, I truly was like: 聽WTF, that’s BS I’ve already put in all this work! Oh well, I’ve gotta do it. As is now, my site doesn’t show up even in the top 20 first pages of a Google result (zzzzz).

Sorry to be so boring and busy, right now! Am just working on this “marketing” thing. Marketing in a really cheap way = Me doing all the work. 聽馃檪

I hope to get back to blogging about real stuff, soon. Me as an IT-person is the most boring person I’ve ever met!

I try to read all of your blogs meanwhile, as much as I can. Wish me luck with this stupid SEO Bs! 馃槈 聽 聽Hugs/Survived