Time for another adventure. Time for: The Caribbean!

I’m leaving soon, in a few days only. Stressing around like a squirrel on crack, trying to get everything ready at work and at home… But, in a few days, that will all be a distant memory, fading away in the strong sun, the white sands, the incredibly blue waters, around me…

I will be on the beach, reading, relaxing, probably drinking one of those crazy coconut drinks that you drink straight outta the… well, coconut.

I have to pinch myself right now. If I weren’t me, I’d be jealous of me, right about now!

Leaving it all behind: stress, worries, narcissist stalker bullshit, darkness and cold of this godforsaken wintry land around me…

16 days is my trip.

16 days of bliss.

See you when I see you, amigos!