So, I had bought a new outfit for this weekend when I was supposed to have the date with What’s His Face. It’s a damn shame this outfit should just collect dust in my closet until the next potential date… so I am gonna put it to good use, instead!

I am going dancing! Perfect way to shake off “the online dating blues”, for a night.Β There is a small group going out, I don’t really know them yet, but it is an event for people who wanna get to know new people. We will also have dinner there, first.

The place I am going to has a bit of a “reputation”, for being a place where it is easy to flirt. Alright, it is a bit of a “meat market”, I guess.. Well, it couldn’t hurt right now, if someone were to look at me like I am a juicy steak, haha. After the sting of rejection, any little sign that you’re not totally unattractive, feels pretty darn good…!

It feels good to fight off The Dating Blues!