WTF? Mr. Wrong wrote me today, a couple of short, and so, so very unnecessary messages…

Logged into the dating site, he had visited my profile again, and liked a photo. Then there was a message:

“Withdrawal symptoms.  ;o  “. (My note: That is from a joke we had).

And, a minute later:

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have written to you, sorry… just finding it so hard to forget… :/  “. (My note: Forgetting me, that is).

And, that was it.

So, I don’t know what to do with that, feels like a no-win situation for me. If I reply something, then he will think everything’s fine and it’s like nothing ever happened, that he can just talk to me anytime he is feeling lonely or horny or whatever…

If I don’t reply, I will probably be that b*tch holding a grudge, right?

If I reply something emotional, like something angry or sad, then I become a drama queen.

If I block him, I am probably even more of a drama queen.

I wish I were cool, I wish I were a cool person in a movie, who could think of a single one-liner reply that would just be a knock-out.

I am not that person. Instead I simply get all emotional inside and don’t know what the hell to say… or not say. God, I would be awful as a passenger on a sinking ship… I would just stand there, frozen, and go down with it…

Sigh, sometimes I swear, I don’t know what’s WRONG with people?

He had an amazing weekend planned with me, changes his mind, ditches me instead cause of supposed depression/social anxiety, and suddenly he’s finding it “hard to forget”…?! Like he is the one who was ditched?

Call me crazy, but in my world, that is just SO effed up that it has me speechless….