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Hello and welcome. My blogΒ is about surviving a narcissistic relationship. I will talk about the past, what happened to me, using the writing as a therapeutic process. If what I write can help anyone avoid or escape being damaged by a narcissistic relationship, I will be very glad indeed. I will explain in a personal way, what narcissism is and how it can hurt you in a relationship. For others, it is too late, and you might have been damaged already. In that case, I hope you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Perhaps you can relate to some of the feelings and experiences in my blog posts. I am on a healing journey and the blog is my way of travelling, from Victim to Survivor. This is a very hard process and the biggest challenge of my life.

In my tags I will include the terms sociopath and psychopath, since I believe they have many traits in common with a narcissist, especially in the consequences their behaviours lead to, for their partners.

My dream for the future is to be a “real writer”, a published author. I love expressing my creative side, when it comes to writing and photography. So, I also have those as categories, photography aswell as poetry, which you can find at the top of the home page. I also write journal entries, ramblings and post some inspirational thoughts and/or quotes. (I will have a category for this also, at the top of my start page).

I hope in time as I heal more, there will be more of this type of posts, and less about narcissism. However, I will always keep writing about narcisissism, to spread awareness about this, since it affects so many people who become targets for narcissists.

You are free to comment on my blog posts. I only ask for a nice tone, free from judgment/hostility. You are free to reblog my content if you wish, (however you can not publish the texts without giving credit to SurvivedNarc).

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